In the beginning of 2020 we've spent 2 months on the beautiful canary island tenerife. We've met a lot of interesting and inspiring people und would never miss this great experience. The 'canarios' (the local people from the canary islands) are extremly friendly and open. When you look at the nature, it's incredible how many different areas this island has. If you're in the north, everything is green with a lot of flowers and rain sometimes. In the south, it is very dry like in the dessert, it rains 2 or 3 times a year. When you drive up to the vulcano teide, it's almost like the landscape of the moon, but when you drive back down again you find yourself in the most beautiful and green forests.

                      ©2021 Katja Brömer


    Fotografin unf Bildredakteurin aus München